A Tale of Raw Head and bloody Bones


We have found a most intriguing tale about Raw Head and Bloody Bones.

Who is Raw Head and Bloody Bones you ask? Raw Head and Bloody Bones, also called Tommy Rawhead, Bloody Bones, or Rawhead for short, is a booger which originated in Europe and eventually spread to North America proving popularity in the Southern USA.  He is a tall Creature with a bloody head of a boar and a human skeleton for a body. He is said to live in ponds or in cupboards under staircases. Brave children can look through the crack in the cupboard door and see his menacing head with blood dripping down onto a pile of bones he has collected from naughty children who have lied or said curse words.

Now, back to the story. Here is a gem of an excerpt:

Raw Head and Bloody BonesThe light from the windows disappeared as if the sun had been snuffed out like a candle. Dark clouds billowed into the clearing where Old Betty’s cabin stood, and the howl of dark spirits could be heard in the wind that pummeled the treetops.

“Raw Head and Bloody Bones. Raw Head and Bloody Bones.”

Betty continued the chant until a bolt of silver lightning left the plate and streaked out threw the window, heading in the direction of Hog-Scald Hollow.

When the silver light struck Raw Head’s severed head, which was piled on the hunter’s wagon with the other hog heads, it tumbled to the ground and rolled until it was touching the bloody bones that had once inhabited its body. As the hunter’s wagon rumbled away toward the ridge where he lived, the enchanted Raw Head called out: “Bloody bones, get up and dance!”

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